Sunday 21 February 2016

Boris Johnson?

I ask you!

Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, and now this.

Johnson is held up as a great intellect because he has a buffoonish exterior.

But he has a buffoonish exterior because he is a buffoon. There is nothing more than that to him.

He has never previously expressed the slightest interest in leaving the EU. Quite the reverse, in fact.

Ignore this menagerie, which is winning the other side votes by the bucketload because people cannot bear to be associated with such a trio.

Vote as Tony Benn would have voted.


  1. Utter nonsense.

    Boris Johnson is in fact extremely clever and was once editor of the Spectator.

    The buffoonery is just an act.

    1. No, it isn't. And ever-fewer people are prepared to entertain the possibility that it might be.

  2. Nick Robinson ‏@bbcnickrobinson 6h6 hours ago
    Coming up at 5 - Boris LIVE on why wants to be our next PM. Sorry, I mean wants UK to leave EU (NB Tory members not voters choose next PM)

    1. I do enjoy the derision with which Johnson's sudden conversion to the anti-EU cause has been greeted by all sides tonight.

  3. The Independent's front page is spot on: "Out for himself".