Saturday 20 February 2016

Latin Lessons

The paleo boys (it is a relatively youthful, but overwhelmingly male, movement) do seem to be at least privately unanimous that, with Rand Paul out, it does now have to be Bernie Sanders.

Predicting something more than similar to this once got me sacked from Telegraph Blogs. Ho, hum. Where is that now?

Meanwhile, the Pope of Rome has been giving the full Pope of Rome to the paleo boys' nightmare of all nightmares, since at least Hillary Clinton could never be associated in any way with them.

For all his Italian parents, this Pope is a Latino, an Hispanic. Precisely that is the basis of his influence in the United States. Welcome to what is indeed the New World.


  1. The Pope didn't actually say what he was reported as having said. And Lombardi today rowed back fast from that statement.

    But can anyone explain what is 'unChristian' about controlling your borders?

    The open border with Mexico is the biggest source of the flow of illegal drugs in America.

    Not to mention terrorism and crime.

    Donald Trump is absolutely right.

    As for Bernie Sanders, he's just the illegal immigrants candidate.

    1. Oh, but he isn't.

      And the second part of your comment contradicts the first part.