Friday 26 February 2016

Second Thoughts

As Michael Howard makes clear, almost all Conservative advocates of a Leave vote, including Boris Johnson and the Cabinet Five-and-a-Half, want nothing more than a second renegotiation, leading to a second referendum and a vote to Remain.

The true number of Conservative Outers is no larger than the number of active Labour Outers.

Of course, the people who are now running the Labour Party also want an entirely different European Union from that which has been proposed by David Cameron.

Therefore, should a vote to Leave lead to a second renegotiation, as it certainly would under the Conservative Party, then there ought to be an immediate General Election to determine who was to conduct it.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to demand now that that would be the case.

All opponents of the present Government, and everyone else who does not want Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, ought to vote to Leave, even if only to bring about that General Election.

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