Wednesday 24 February 2016

Occupation, Not Preoccupation

How many people in Britain have ever sung the National Anthem in their lives?

Even footballers with a dozen caps for England routinely do not know the words.

Purely as a matter of fact, the National Anthem is no part of mainstream culture. Was it ever?

By contrast, it must be said that everyone playing for Scotland always knows the words to Flower of Scotland.

It turns out that our fashion-policing Prime Minister spends more on one suit than he expects a sick person to spend on food in an entire year.

But this is all fluff.

The real story of this week's PMQs was Cameron's fulsome denunciation of the Israeli settlements in what he did not hesitate to call "Occupied East Jerusalem".


  1. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn both want to sell Britain out to the EU forever so they should be singing Ode To Joy, anyway.