Thursday 26 December 2013

Time and Relative Dimension in Space

The Union is now safe. Peter Capaldi is playing The Doctor with his own natural accent, and will be topping the ratings round about the time of the independence referendum.

Since the first of The Doctor's additional 12 regenerations is Scots, each of the rest ought to be audibly from each of the other 11 regions. Have we any suggestions as to who (as it were) the actors might therefore be, and why?

In fact, since David Tennant insisted on playing it with an English accent, he should have been told that a vaguely South-Eastern and middle-class one would not do, and that he had to do Devon, or Suffolk, or Wolverhampton, or Hartlepool, or something, in order to prove that he could.


  1. You should be one of the 11 post-Capaldi Doctors. I am starting to think that you are.

  2. My walking stick, or whatever I was using by then, would certainly make a memorable trademark.