Friday 20 December 2013

The Documentary of The Decade

So far, anyway. But this really is going to take some equalling, never mind beating.

That is no reason not to try, of course. It is every reason to do so, in fact. The format can be this good. Therefore, it must be this good.

You have 29 days left in which to watch it. So watch it. If you have watched it before, then watch it again.

ITV is the butt of a lot of snobbery, not all of it undeserved. But when it is good, then it is as good as this, and that is as good as television gets.

Broadcasting this from 10:35pm was, however, unfortunate. Serious drama is regularly shown on ITV1 over two hours from eight o'clock.

This ought to have been given the same chance to reach a deservedly enormous audience.

As ought to be other documentaries of the same calibre, since the network is manifestly capable of them.

Now, watch it. Watch Utopia, the documentary of the decade so far.

And spread the word.

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