Monday 30 December 2013

Syrian Refugees

Ed Miliband and the Labour Party deserve immense credit for having prevented a British military intervention in support of the Israeli-backed Islamist insurrection in, and invasion of, Syria.

He and it ought therefore to call for the United Kingdom to become a refuge, even if only a temporary one, for all those who are the victims of that insurrection and invasion: Alawites, Shi'ites, Druze, and many types of Christian.

Each of those communities is a distinct ethnic group, so that its members are instantly identifiable by anyone from the region or who has specialist knowledge of it. Was it wrong to give refuge to Jews, as such, in the 1930s?

It is quite amusing that many of those cheering on Nigel Farage probably assume that the Christians in Syria are white, while most of them probably assume that those Christians are the products of recent missionary activity from Europe or the United States.

But in fact they are the ancient indigenous people of the territory that is now divided among the many states in the Levant and Mesopotamia, and they converted to Christianity when, or well before, that became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, it had had an entirely Christian population for several centuries. Those inhabitants' pre-Christian ancestors had been conquered by the Israelites in that city which they themselves had founded. But as a people, they were still there. And they are still there now.

They invented Arab nationalism as Catholics, Orthodox, Oriental Christians, or occasionally Protestants (but of Orthodox ancestry), studying at American Protestant missionary universities that were free of association with British or French imperialism.

That included the invention of the modern concept of Filastin. It, and Arab nationalism generally, are expressions both of indigeneity and of Christianity.

The party and Leader who valiantly prevented British intervention to collaborate in the genocide of those whose identity that is ought now to call on Britain to do her continuing duty to them, not least in view of Britain's and Labour's guilt in bringing about their continuing genocide in Iraq.

That party and that Leader ought also to stand squarely with those people's principal protector, Russia, which is the ongoing victim of Islamist terrorism backed by exactly the same powers that are also supporting it in Syria.


  1. Israelites did not found Jerusalem, Jerusalem goes back to the Stone Age in Canaan land of the Semitic people, the only one in existence in the World: Jews and Arabs. They became Christians and Moslems, the first Christians pioneers in Palestine went to Synagogs. Zionists change and edit History. Filastin is not "the invention of the modern concept." Herodotus Greek historian 500BC in book; The Histories.. describes Palestine translated from Greek. Easter Christianity existed 200years before Western Roman Latin church, with it's popes, bishops, priest in the Patriachats of Jerusalem. Antioch and Alexandria. Catholics copied and itepreted differatly. I'm astounded at West ignorance of thr Chistians history, Chritanity was born in the Middle East , the West to please Israel is commiting with the Saudi Wahabi Genocide of the original Christians. born when there was no Europe and no Americas. Shame on you.

  2. I should point out that it is not just religious minorities who need refuge from the Islamist rebels. Anyone remotely linked with the Ba'ath Party (including anyone in the public sector at all) is liable to be considered by rebels as fit for purging.

  3. Well, one of those comments made sense, anyway.

    Speak to you soon, Taym.

  4. Stunning. You are the rightful leader of your generation and our nation.

    I am serious. Who else comes close to this? The vermin suspiciously trying to make nice with you on Twitter after all these years? The troglodytes who won't let you back in the Labour party because they are so frightened of you?

    Plus you produce material of this quality all the time. You are totally unique, nobody else comes close.