Tuesday 17 December 2013

Thatcher's Children

Your suggestions, please, for inclusion in this school textbook.


  1. Disgraceful.

    But the hypocrisy is incredible, I have to say.

    It is enough to make anyone laugh out loud to hear the Left, of all people, accusing a Government of forcing schools to brainwash kids with political ideology.

    The Left has been doing that (in every school from East Germany to Cuba) and in modern British History curriculums and US 'gender studies' classes, and in PSHE and in Sex Ed lessons, for the last 40 years at least.

    But, when the Tory Party does it, now THAT is bad.

    Read about E.H Dance and multicultural 'anti-racist' British history lessons to get an idea of how the Left has used schools to push its political ideology here for years.

    Come on Peter Hitchens, this is just begging for a post from you!

  2. They have always done it. They invented it.

    Kim il-Sung co-opted Korean mythology into his own official life story, claiming to have been born on Mount Paekdu and what have you. Presumably, this book depicts Kim il-Thatch in Arthurian terms.

  3. Indeed, read this, which I used for my dissertation on how conservatism was being banished from British history classes.


  4. Oh, that one.

    Then in comes Gove with his pub quiz, and he has to sack the Hard Rightists who had been advising him, because even they laughed out loud.

    Still, he will leave so much curriculum time for proper teaching that he might not do any actual harm. Most of it will never come up on his exams, but people will still have been taught it.

  5. Heck Dave, you still claiming it's a textbook about Thatcher (mentioned once) called "Thatcher's Children".

    Some journalist !

  6. Where do I say that?

    And if it's not that, then what is it?

  7. "Oh, that one".

    Have you read it? Which part of the facts in it do you dispute?

    I've no idea what Michael Gove has to do with E.H Dance, Chairman of the Historical Association’s Propaganda
    (Development) Committee.

  8. I must admit to being confused on a number of points. Leaving aside the party political bit, the part that confuses me is this: "Almost all teenagers of the 80's are Margaret Thatcher's children."

    When I was at school I was taught that words should say what they mean and mean what they say. This would provide clarity.

    If almost all teenagers of the 80's are Mrs T's children then she must have been very busy indeed in a certain department. Also, she was 55 years of age in 1980, and 65 by the time the decade had ended so this raises another doubt in my mind over her prolific motherhood.

    Another point is this. If they are teenagers of the 80's would they not have been born in the 1960s?

    But, even if they are teenagers of the 80's then they would now be at least 24 years of age which is long past school-leaving age. So why is this book being given to school-age children?

    I'm afraid my tolerance of politicians wanes as each year passes. The complete absence of gravitas (as witnessed in the South African selfie), and this drivel being published about Mrs T is enough to make anyone mark their ballot paper NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    I apologise for being so flippant on such a serious blog but pPerhaps I have lost the plot, the way that these people have.