Sunday 15 December 2013

Harriet Harman Information Exchange

All of it and more has been on here a dozen times.

I have repeatedly posted it below the line on Telegraph Blogs, Coffee House and Harry's Place, from all of which I am now banned for my pains.

And I have put it into print, where it remains, in a chapter of an admittedly much wider-ranging book which was published with endorsements by a Labour Peer and mentor of Ed Miliband, by a Peer who had been a Labour Government Whip, by a former Shadow Cabinet member and Labour Leadership Candidate, and by a Durham Head of House who is a distinguished educationalist (and one of three Professors to have endorsed that book), among others.

I suppose that I am pleased to see the largest-circulation newspaper in the country catching up after all these years. But that is all that it is doing.

And I should only be at all impressed if it now paid some attention to the Righton case and to its massive implication of the Thatcher Government, as attemptedly highlighted by Tom Watson. Or to Thatcher's surrounding of herself with the men whom she arranged to have dubbed Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Laurens van der Post.

Tom Watson would make an excellent Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.


  1. Thank god you are back in the Labour Party. Carr for Hexham, Lindsay?...I await with excitement on the pride of St. Helena getting your just deserts in the form of a safe seat now that Russia Today has delivered the platform you deserve.

    Ed, over to you.

  2. Carr for Hexham, all right.

    As for the rest, it's only Monday. In the pub by four is for Fridays only.