Monday 16 December 2013

Of Which Dissolving Parts

At this time of year, I await the visitation of the Ghost of Christmas Past, who was the subject of a most unsympathetic article on Trending Central last month, arising out of a probe into his activities at Sky News by the Conservative Henry Smith MP.

A political philosophy defined by Aaron Sorkin is indeed the measure of the intellectual depth of my erstwhile tutee Vinnie "Vincent" McAviney, for it is he. I have no idea what I ever did to him.

He was disqualified for electoral malpractice when he tried to become President of the Junior Common Room. However, he was instead eased into the Editorship of the Palatinate, Durham's student newspaper, while he was reading for a higher degree.

At least once during his tenure, the office was raided by the Police, although I do not know the details. He also conspired with Oliver Kamm and Damian Thompson to take away my Telegraph Blog (a lucky escape on my part) on the grounds that I was not really a College Tutor, a fact which he claimed to know because, as was in itself perfectly true, I had been his College Tutor when he was an undergraduate up to a few months earlier.

Under several pseudonyms, he took to their webpages of my books to scream the most hysterical abuse. He also used to do that regularly, if not for a while now, on this site. He knows that I am in frail and declining health.

More than once, I have settled down to moderate comments on or about 27th December and found several of his screeds, containing details clearly intended to identify him to me, that he had sought to post on Christmas Day. Yes, you read aright. Christmas Day. In several different years. What a very full and active life he must lead.

I have of course rejected them. Perhaps I ought to have put them up? If he does it again this year, then I might very well do so.

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