Sunday 29 December 2013

Islamofascism, Indeed

What Hitler could not do to Stalingrad, the Saudi-backed Chechens, "our side" against Assad and Putin, have done to the same city.


  1. The Chechens have been fighting occupation and oppression far longer than any of the fashionable stateless groups supported by the Left (the Palestinians and Kurds).

    Massacred under the Tsars, their entire population deported by Stalin, they have now been victims of two near-genocides in recent times.

    Over half their population was wiped out by Russia since 1994.

    Amnesty International has recorded numerous atrocities against Chechen civilians in both recent wars.

    The brilliant brave Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered for exposing her governments crimes in Chechnya.

    You're right about Syria.

    But you obviously know nothing about Chechnya.

  2. You obviously know nothing about anything, if you think that those two positions are in any way compatible.