Monday 16 December 2013

Koreas Advice

It is nothing to do with us.

We must stay out of it.

The same goes for any territorial dispute between China and Japan.


  1. Wow.

    Since you're on Twitter, I imagine that (after today) you will understand why Peter Hitchens calls Twitter a "left-wing electronic mob" and refers to himself as "Hated" on there.

    The Twitter Left has been ablaze with hatred for Hitchens today after he dared to question addiction on Newsnight.

    From Mehdi Hasan to Helen Lewis, Bonnie Greer and Ben Goldacre, from Labour and Lib Dem MP's to celebrity leftists (even David Baddiel, hilariously).

    It's a great wall of left-wing hatred.

    Thankfully, we on the Right are delighted to have him. No "hatred" here, Mr Hitchens.

  2. No, you are not. Not unless the sole definition of "the Right" is "people who agree with Peter Hitchens".

    On this issue, that includes several of the most left-wing members of both Houses, and most emphatically not almost anyone below a certain, now quite high, age on the Conservative benches in the Commons. Never mind after the 2015 retirements.

    It doesn't include Nigel Farage, either.

    Thatcher's Children, indeed.

    On topic, please.

  3. Pro-legalisation Owen Jones (and indeed the rest of the pro-legalisation, Left) will be mightily amused that you consider them "Thatcher's children".

    It was of course Labour who decriminalised drugs in Britain.

  4. You have obviously never read any of Peter Hitchens's books.

    I am not putting up anything more off topic.