Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Whatever The Kippers Are Smoking

No one to whom I speak ever seems to be an actual member of Momentum, rather than simply on the mailing list.

Yet there are more such members than there are members of UKIP, which has lost half its membership since 2015.

UKIP's biggest donor, by far, has given up on it.

The looming collapse of its Group in the European Parliament will cost it €2 million.

It is being made to repay the €400,000 that it simply stole by diverting that money to its own Walter Mitty Leave campaign that had nothing to do with the real one, such that UKIP had no role whatever in the referendum result.

Yet still the sad acts haunt the Internet, claiming that this or that policy is attributable to the "threat" from UKIP, or that UKIP is on course to win this or that by-election.

Life is so much simpler in their world, I suppose.

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