Thursday, 19 January 2017

Improving The State of The World, Indeed

Congratulations to Theresa May on having gone to Davos, delivered Jeremy Corbyn's act, and got out in one piece.

But that is more than she would manage if her party failed to win Copeland.

Forget the number of Conservative MPs who pretended to support Leave.

That is like the number that pretended to oppose same-sex marriage. How many would vote to repeal it?

Similarly, the true number in favour of Leave is at most the number that did not support Theresa May.

So many of them did support her that no election was deemed necessary.

The first big loss to the Lib Dems in the Remain heartlands of the South has already happened.

A failure to overturn a Labour majority of a mere 2,564 at Copeland would mean that in 2015 the Conservatives had won the most seats that they ever possibly could.

There would certainly be a hung Parliament in 2020.

In an attempt to avert that, Mrs May would be removed, after considerably less than one year as Prime Minster, and replaced with someone who had never undertaken to invoke Article 50 by an given date.

Or, indeed, at all.

Replaced, moreover, with someone who would not be going to Davos and delivering Jeremy Corbyn's act.

Those who wanted both Article 50 and that act, with or without any trip to Davos, or indeed who wanted so much as one of those things, would then have a very clear option.

In every Durham constituency except Grahame Morris's Easington, and in each constituency falling wholly or partly in Derby other than Derby North (assuming that Chris Williamson were the Labour candidate there), that option would be to vote for the candidate from within the Teaching Assistants' campaign, something that Grahame and Chris can also be said to be.

Everywhere else, that option would be to vote Labour.

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