Sunday, 29 January 2017

White Ties and Tales

Jeremy Corbyn needs to say that he would not attend the banquet for Donald Trump's State Visit, but would instead address the demonstration outside.

He has absolute moral authority, since, unlike many, he opposed Bush, Obama and the Clintons when they did far worse than merely deny visas to the people of Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other countries besides.


  1. The liberal hysteria around this is hilarious.

    Donald Trump has not thrown all Muslims out of America, nor has he permanently banned any from coming.

    He has merely put in place a 90-day restriction on people from the seven most strife-torn countries in the Middle East, such as Syria.
    What would the ridiculous Corbyn (who has never been elected to lead a country) prefer?

    More innocent Western lives lost to his liberal "refugee policy" ,like at Paris, Brussels, Nice and Berlin?

    America has seen the tragic results of Europe's implementation of the Corby refugee policy and doesn't want to repeat the mistake.

    1. He addressed the last biggest demonstration in British history, and that was before social media.

      But this one would be bigger than that, and it would be on social media. Right outside Buckingham Palace, as Trump was eating inside? Why not? If I were Corbyn, then I'd wear white tie and tails.

      Alas, because of all of this, the State Visit is most unlikely to happen. It would have changed Britain for 50 years, and possibly 100.

  2. There really is no "refugee policy" - countries have an obligation to admit refugees under international treaties.

    I wouldn't boycott Trump though, just like I wouldn't boycott Hitler, Stalin or Obama - you have to deal with foreign leaders.