Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Life and Soul of The Parties

At least three pro-life organisations did originally have partner status with the Women's March, before having it revoked as part of the internal faction-fighting.

The pro-life movement, or at least that side of it, was really quite desperate to be included.

What might be called culturally the more conservative wing of pro-life remains horrified at Donald Trump, and no longer feels the slightest need to support him on the grounds that at least he is not Hillary Clinton.

Trump, after all, has never said anything much on the subject except that women who had had abortions ought to face criminal prosecution, something that no one with a pro-life activist background would ever, ever say.

The Democratic Party as we have known it since 1992 is finished, and it has few mourners.

But the Republican Party as we have known it since 1980 is well on the way down the same road.

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