Sunday, 29 January 2017

Hail To The Chief, At Last

There were demonstrations against Donald Trump's predecessors.

With one notable exception, they got very little attention.

But the people who organised them, while the Right (including the Labour Right) was claiming that criticism of the President of the United States was treasonable in the United Kingdom, are still very much around.

Indeed, one of them is now the Leader of the Labour Party.

This State Visit has the potential to change Britain completely.

Bring it on.


  1. Really? George Galloway has been making the same point on Twitter tonight, where he explained Obama deported 2.5 million without a squeak of protest from the liberal Left. And where were the worldwide "women's matches" against Bill Clinton?

    As Galloway says, the liberal hypocrites who failed to protest Obama's wars now want to ban Trump's state visit: where was the call up stop Obama's state visit?

    As Galloway says tonight, Trump actually wants peace with Russia (and an end to liberal Middle East interventions) whereas his predecessors killed over a million Muslims.

    Did I miss the international "Women's March" against the philanderer, alleged rapist and exploiter of female interns, President Bill Clinton?

    The Left will forgive anything as long as it's a leftwing President doing it.

    1. You are being written by a computer program, aren't you?

      George knows all about these demonstrations. He was on them. The ones against Donald Trump, led by Jeremy Corbyn, would politicise an entire generation behind Jeremy Corbyn.

      Bring Trump to Britain as soon as possible.

  2. There was no call from the Left to deny a State Visit to President Obama.

    Unlike Trump (who has rejected liberal interventionist wars) he actually killed hundreds of thousands across the Middle East.

    There were no leftwing "Women's Marches" in Trafalgar Square and New York against President Clinton, when he did far worse to women than simply make a few lewd jokes about kissing them.

    As it's support for Castro shoes, the Left has no principles at all.

    It will forgive any sin,( even sleeping with an intern and slaughtering across the Middle East) as long as it's done by a leftwing leader.

    1. There were indeed such calls. They didn't get much coverage, but that was in the pre-Corbyn era.

  3. The people now running Unite and the Labour Party definitely demonstrated against Obama when he came here although of course it never made the BBC. They are the people to lead what as you say would be the generation-defining protests against Trump.

    1. And they know it. I know that they know it.

  4. Side-splitting to see some schoolboy invoking George Galloway against you, a man who embraces you when you meet, who has called you "the Great David Lindsay" live on air, who has signed your published round robins on several subjects, who has said live on air that you should be an MP, who has promised live on air and only half in jest to take a peerage if you did, and who knows all about the ignored anti-war demonstrations against previous Presidents of the United States.