Friday, 27 January 2017

Same Old Grand Old

The point is not the presence of Mike Pence on the March for Life.

The point is the absence of Donald Trump.

Had he been there, then many regular attendees would have stayed away.

And not a few would have turned up in order to demonstrate against him.

It is clearly Pence who is, at least, the Pro-Life Industrial Complex's man.

As surely as the Blairites, and as surely as the Conservative Remainers (who had thought that they had succeeded), the Republicans are determined to get their party back.


  1. At least there's some silver lining to the Republicans being back in the White House. I'm not exactly pro-life (and I hate that term), but the pendulum had swung too far and there needed to be a backlash.

    I don't doubt that Donald Trump would support abortion if he didn't have to keep Republican voters on side, but there you go.