Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Theresa Is Toast

This speech should have been delivered to Parliament.

The Parliament in neither House of which is there any majority to leave the Single Market.

I wish that there were. But there is not.

There is no majority for that even in Theresa May's own parliamentary party, and that was how she got the Leadership.

Nicky Morgan has already as good as declared that the woman who betrayed her and nearly 200 others is toast.

May is going to be the first Prime Minister ever removed because of Europe.

Not as a cover for getting rid of the Poll Tax, a cover that never fooled Margaret Thatcher herself for one second; an extremely bitter chapter of her memoirs frankly blames her defenestration on the anti-Poll Tax campaign organised openly by the Militant Tendency, which has never stopped pointing out that it brought her down.

Not because the whole country still believed that there was a recession long after there had ceased to be one; the Maastricht rebels disproportionately lost their seats in 1997.

But for real.

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