Wednesday, 18 January 2017

After The Mayhem

I do feel for the people who are stamping their feet at the refusal of the rest of us to acknowledge the supposed genius of Theresa May.

"Or we'd just leave on the day, under WTO rules"? I ask you! Where does one even begin?

May herself knows perfectly well that that is drivel.

Article 50 means nothing, and it will continue to mean nothing until its invocation ever results in any country's withdrawal from the EU.

When that simply does not happen in this case, and we are still in the EU exactly as if there had never been a referendum, then she will claim that at least she tried.

But she is a staunch Remainer, far stauncher than Jeremy Corbyn.

As are the people who made her Leader, and who are already moving to unmake her Leader if it looked as if any of this might happen in actual fact.

The kind of saloon bar foghorns who think that UKIP first secured and then won the referendum (both of those things had literally nothing to do with UKIP) are beside themselves at the failure of the rest of us at least to refrain from laughing.

The next General Election will be fought between competing versions of the Brexit Britain that will certainly not be in place by anything like as early as May 2020.

On one side, some bargain basement sweatshop, advocated by the people who had entirely messed up the previous three years.

On the other side, the Britain that Peter Shore and Tony Benn had always wanted, advocated by people other than those who had entirely messed up the previous three years.

Let's see which of them wins.

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