Monday, 30 January 2017

Fair Takes Me Back

Why is the BBC interviewing Nigel Farage outside the Palace of Westminster? He has never had the slightest connection to that building.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson's persistence in public life is a long-running illustration of the fact that They are just different from Us.

But today, he excelled even himself, correcting Dennis Skinner by pointing out that Mussolini's Italy had not bombed Britain during the Second World War.

Except that Mussolini's Italy did bomb Britain during the Second World War.

Johnson knows absolutely nothing, and he has little, if any, capacity to learn anything.

Time was when his kind would have been packed off to some colony. But that option no longer exists.

He ought in any case to resign, and to be held in contempt of Parliament, because of his barefaced lie that he had secured some sort of exemption for British passport holders. 

He had done no such thing.

If it is not him, then it is Nicholas Soames barking, literally barking liking a dog, on the floor of the House of Commons.

He was unable to see that that was inappropriate, not least because he was barely reprimanded by the Speaker.

Imagine if a Labour MP had barked at a Conservative, and a woman at that.

Imagine if one pupil had barked at another in a class of five-year-olds.

And then there is Jacob Rees-Mogg.

He has never been in Government, even though his party has been so throughout his time as an MP, and even though he is not rebellious or anything like that.

Yet this super-posh weirdo is wheeled out endlessly as a major political figure.

He has struck up a friendship with the equally ubiquitous Jess Phillips, who has seen several other members of the 2015 intake promoted to the front bench, including several women

Yet her whole act is predicated on the allegation of Jeremy Corbyn's refusal to promote women from the 2015 intake.

No, Jess. It's you. It's just you.

All of this fair takes me back, I have to say. I grew up under the Conservatives, and they haven't changed a bit.

Nor, alas, has the media's indulgence of them.


  1. Anyone who uses the term fascist-as if it had any objective meaning-is too thick to be in Parliament.

    When they start making loopy "Hitler comparisons" you know they've gone senile.

    Take some time out, Skinner, old chap.

    1. It had a very objective meaning when he was being bombed by it.