Sunday, 29 January 2017

Direction of Travel

So, it is our business after all.

Yet another U-turn by Theresa May.

And a gracious half-pass, or whatever this is, from our Special Friend.

Organised by the people behind the ones, which were almost completely ignored, against his predecessors, demonstrations against Donald Trump would politicise an entire generation.

Led by Jeremy Corbyn, they would politicise an entire generation behind Jeremy Corbyn.

Bring Trump to Britain as soon as possible.


  1. John Rees has been among those retweeting your call for this visit to go ahead so these demonstrations can, it is obviously what the Stop the War Coalition really wants.

    Imagine the speakers, him and you, Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway, who embraces you when you meet, who has called you "the Great David Lindsay" live on air, who has signed your published round robins on several subjects, who has said live on air that you should be an MP, who has promised live on air and only half in jest to take a peerage if you did, and who knows all about the ignored anti-war demonstrations against previous Presidents of the United States. Organised of course by John Rees and the Stop the War Coalition.

    1. This is their moment, all right. Even more so than in 2003, which was before social media and before the Corbyn Leadership.