Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Right All Along

Twice in as many days, we have had Cabinet Ministers come to a House of Commons to which they ought to have announced their resignations, but outrageously failed to do so. 

At least David Davis did not do the Pompous Tory Voice. 

But Michael Fallon, who has never had a job outside politics, has no idea that anyone speaks in any other way.

While an American official was confirming that a stray Trident missile had almost hit Florida, the buffoon, Fallon, was praising that missile system's accuracy live on television from the floor of the House.

Trident is rather like the European Union, in that the very great divisions over it in the country have not been reflected in Parliament since the defeat of Labour in 1983 licensed the branding as a loony of anyone who dissented from the Establishment view.

That has not changed, on either issue.

There are others like it.

For example, the Queen's immense age, and her clearly fragile health, should be set in the context of the fact that certainly a quarter and probably a third of the population has serious doubts about the monarchy, or positively desires its abolition.

I do not agree with those who take that view. But they deserve better than the automatic classification of anyone who speaks for them as a madman and a traitor.

They may even turn out to have been right all along.

After all, we were, and we remain, right all along about the EU.

And it is now blatantly obvious that we have been right all along about Trident.

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