Friday, 20 January 2017

Coping and Stoking

Gillian Troughton as the Labour candidate at Copeland is all the more reason to have Chris Spence at Stoke Central.

Although the main issue at Copeland is the NHS.

People whose parliamentary vote is determined by being Leave are already UKIP, in the way that people whose parliamentary vote is determined by being Remain are already Lib Dems.

If UKIP did not win Stoke Central, then it would be finished.

If the Conservatives did not win exceedingly marginal Copeland, then Theresa May would finished, and Article 50 this side of the 2020 Election would be finished with her, regardless of what Jeremy Corbyn thought on the matter. 

But if Labour held on, then it would be the Labour Right, at least in anything like its Blairite form, that would be finished. 

With any luck, both of these by-elections will be held soon, and on the same day. 

These results should be very well worth staying up for.

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