Sunday, 29 January 2017



Let him in.

The demonstrations against him would change Britain for 50 years, and possibly 100.

Just so long as they were led by people who had also opposed his predecessors.


  1. Then they would have to explain why there were no such demonstrations against his predecessors who actually carried out torture in the case of a recent Labour Prime Minister and, in Clinton's case, did far worse things to women, including his own intern, than Trump ever has.

    Oddly, though, there were no leftwing "women's marches" against Bill Clinton.

    Isn't that strange?

    It's almost as if the Left doesn't care if you're pro torture, (or use your power as President to exploit women), as long as you're a leftwing liberal.

    1. There were demonstrations against them. With one notable exception, they got very little attention.

      But the people who organised them, while the Right (including the Labour Right) was claiming that criticism of the President of the United States was treasonable in the United Kingdom, are still very much around.

      Indeed, one of them is now the Leader of the Labour Party. This State Visit has the potential to change Britain completely. Bring it on.