Saturday, 21 January 2017

Stealing A March

So much for Theresa May's speech, after Donald Trump's to his Inauguration that was attended by hardly anyone.

She has still yet to meet him. Give that a moment to sink in.

I cannot see the point of demonstrations against Trump until he has done anything.

Obamacare never was all that good, and his Executive Order has at least reopened the debate on it.

Trump himself is on record as being in favour of a single payer system. Known to some of us as the National Health Service.

More generally, Trump's most vociferous supporters are in for a series of enormous disappointments.

Either that, or they are in for comically having to pretend that they always did support the economic and foreign policies that they had hitherto derided as Islamo-Marxist or what have you.

As for Women's Marches, they are like all-women shortlists.

Back in the day, we all knew who was a woman and who wasn't.

But these days, the whole thing is supposed to be as fluid as ethnicity, which is a great deal more fluid than class.

Sex, or even "gender", is not really like that, of course. But we all have to pretend that it is.

The one constant seems to be straight men, who, at around 40 per cent of the total, are by far the biggest bloc, by far the most stable as a proportion, and thus able to behave as a majority without in fact being one.

Someone has to, I suppose.

So, back to proper jobs it is, then.

And no more wars over such matters as the female dress code in Afghanistan.

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