Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2020 Visions

The NHS was in all three manifestos in 1945.

Therefore, 2020 will be the most momentous General Election ever to have been known to be so in advance, rather than only in hindsight.

Article 50 or no Article 50, there is no way that Britain will already have left the EU by May 2020.

So that Election will be between Jeremy Corbyn's vision for Brexit Britain, and the vision of whoever was the Leader of the Conservative Party by then.

Frankly, that latter could be anyone, and a lot sooner than that.

Meanwhile, great tracts of the country will never be reconcilable to Brexit in any form.

Depending on which way it swung, the UUP might benefit from that. The SNP certainly will.

As, at least in the UUP's absence, will the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.

And as, on a very large scale, will that party's Lib Dem allies across the South of England.

The Lib Dems are already the only party to have taken a seat at a by-election during this Parliament.

Unless Labour won in 2020, and the Conservative Party has now begun to descend into internecine warfare, then there is going to be a hung Parliament.

I'll be there.

As should be the Teaching Assistants or their allies for every other seat in County Durham that had not been retained by Grahame Morris, and for every seat in Derby that had not been regained by Chris Williamson.

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