Thursday, 26 January 2017

Grow Wealthy, Stay Healthy

Is there no trade with the United States now? Was there none before 1973?

We have already been through this with TTIP.

We can have a talked through, written down trade deal with the United States.

Or we can have the National Health Service.

We cannot have both.


  1. Tariff-free access for our exporters to the US markets (that the EU still doesn't have tariff-free access to) following our EU withdrawal, will be an absolutely mega prize.

    Theresa May is the first leader to be granted the privilege of a meeting with the new US President. And Mr Trump makes it clear he supports our independence from the EU.

    Truly the most pro-British President of recent times.

    The EU couldn't manage to negotiate a trade deal with the US in 10 years.

    An independent Britain can have it in 90 days.

    1. He doesn't really do trade deals at all. But if he did, then his price, like any other American President's, would be the handing over of our NHS to the American healthcare companies.

      We already do quite enough trade with the United States to show that we have no need of any of this.

    2. You can't be pro-British and anti-NHS, it's a contradiction in terms.