Monday, 2 January 2017

Well Dubbed

Sir David Crausby was a member of the Defence Select Committee when he voted against the Iraq War.

He went on to make a famous speech in support of enshrining the Military Covenant in law.

He also voted against the retrospective legalisation of workfare.

The second of those is unique.

But of how many recently knighted or damed MPs can both the first and the third be said?

Who cares, in that case, how they cast their free votes on legislation introduced by David Cameron that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (who also never voted for it) had repeatedly and explicitly ruled out, and which did not in fact change the legal rights of anyone?

Sir David is a worthy Knight of this Realm.

Indeed, he is one of the worthiest to have come out of the House of Commons in many a long year.

Don't let the War and Workfare lobby tell you otherwise.


  1. You are really getting under their skins on Twitter with this. "You never made a fuss about Ks and DBEs for pro-war and anti-poor Labour MPs, why are you making a fuss about this?" Spot on.

  2. New Labour refused to introduce equal marriage and at one time gave the Equalities brief to a member of Opus Dei, so there is that.

    20 years on from when we nearly got rid of Ronnie Campbell over abortion, and only four years on from when he voted against equal marriage, the teenage Corbynistas think he's a grand old man and a hero while Corbyn himself is signing off on a knighthood for David Crausby. The likes of you are loving it.

    1. Someone else who must have signed off on this knighthood will have been the Chief Whip. Do look him up.