Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Thinking Cap

The first politician of any prominence to propose a salary cap was David Cameron, of all people.

But of course, he never did anything about it.

Just as Theresa May has shown no sign of doing anything about the disparity within companies that she has at least professed to bemoan.

Time, then, for specific proposals from Jeremy Corbyn.

Nothing to be permitted to pay anyone more than 10 times what it paid anyone else, with the entire public sector functioning as a single entity for this purpose.

And no one in the public sector or in any of its contractors to be paid more than the Prime Minister.


  1. Yes, a perfect way to lose all our talent to foreign companies prepared to pay them more.

    A perfect way to kill aspiration among all employees.

    Isn't socialism wonderful?

    It drives talent abroad and creates an egalitarian desert at home.

    1. Even American Republican voters have given up waiting for this "aspiration" business, and have instead elected one hereditary megabucks to take on all the others on Middle America's behalf.

    2. They can be replaced, especially if you restrict immigration, it's easy.

  2. You haven't answered the point, presumably because you can't.

    If you cap salaries in our country, and other countries offer far higher salaries for the same job, our talent will migrate abroad and our companies won't be able to attract the best talent from abroad, either.

    France's high top rate of tax had the similar effect of driving its top talent overseas, costing them billions in tax receipts, to the extent that Hollande scrapped it.

    1. I thought you didn't want people from abroad?

      The precise talent of the people, of whatever provenance, who are currently running much of British business is rather less than immediately apparent.