Sunday, 8 January 2017

Take Them Down

Deport Mark Regev and Shai Masot from the United Kingdom, and declare them persona non grata for life.

Remove Robert Halfon and Maria Strizzolo from Government and from the Conservative Party.

Expel Joan Ryan from the Labour Party, and let it also proscribe Labour Friends of Israel, which was up to its neck in the sale of peerages during the Blair years.

People often assume that I want to be in the Labour Party again.

What, with the Labour Group on Durham County Council?

With the MPs who abstained rather than vote against the measure than ended up causing even Iain Duncan Smith to resign?

With the MPs who abstained in the service of the Saudi war in Yemen, a war that even Boris Johnson has since condemned?

With Tony Blair and his "Institute", the name of which is in any case illegal? With Neil Fleming?

With Joan Ryan? With Labour Friends of Israel?

Why on earth would I want that?

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