Monday, 9 January 2017

Out of the Ashes

In its way, it is a sign of progress that Northern Ireland now just has run of the mill political scandals.

And this one is Grade A, a real corker.

Notice that even the DUP wanted Martin McGuinness to remain in office today.

The ancient history of the IRA is something that agitates people in the Tory shires, although not very many of them.

But it has no such effect on the people who had to live with it at the time, whether in Northern Ireland or in London.

Corbyn-haters, take note.


  1. The "ancient history of the IRA" you silly, stupid little boy.

    They have been murdering in very recent history, (from Massereene Barracks to Paul McCartney to Paul Flynn) as the police more or less admitted after the McGuigan murder (the police admission that "The IRA still exists" came as no surprise to me).

    Every IRA murderer is today granted amnesty, while British soldiers are now being prosecuted for historic shootings in case you missed it.

    And you have the cheek to call this ongoinh disgrace "ancient history"?

    Still it helps dispel the curious fantasy that Tony Blair's Government was ever "rightwing."

    It cheerfully enacted what were once merely the ravings of Loony Left anti British traitors like McDonnell and Corbyn.

    1. And yet it all could have happened on the Moon now, or at the very least you would think that everyone involved had been dead since before anyone alive was born.

      McGuinness and even Ian Paisley ended up as close friends, he has stayed overnight at Windsor Castle, there are pictures of Gerry Adams and Prince Charles laughing uproariously together, and so it goes on.

      More or less everybody in Northern Ireland thinks that all of this is marvellous, with ever more of them who cannot remember anything else, while the rest never talk about it.

      The entirely unsuccessful attempt to dredge it all up against Corbyn has shown that it is now just bad manners to mention it over here as well, and in any case most people on the Mainland would never have been able to tell which was supposed to be their side, having never felt the slightest affinity with Orange marches and what have you.

  2. Is it "progress"-or shameful surrender-that IRA murderers are all free and granted an amnesty while British soldiers are to be prosecuted for historic actions?

    Corbyn the traitor may be pleased.

    Nobody with a trace of patriotism or common decency could be.

    1. There probably shouldn't be those prosecutions. But it is extremely telling quite how few people in Britain would care if there were. Or even notice.

    2. The IRA amnesty was probably before you were born.

    3. And it didn't apply only to them.

  3. By the way that was addressed to Anonymous 22:24. It wasn't before you were born, David.

    1. Yes, I had assumed so. I pity any teenager who looks like me. What is he going to look like when he is in his fortieth year?