Monday, 16 January 2017

Of Course NATO Is Obsolete

If it ever did serve any purpose, then that purpose went away a generation ago.

And it did just go away. No one in the West "brought it down". It simply collapsed.

Thereby proving that it had never been a military threat in the first place.

The dissolution of the Union itself, it must be said, was massively unpopular among the people living in it, and there is still widespread nostalgia for it.

Several of the ghastly successor regimes are notable for their employment of Tony Blair, who is now injecting that filthy lucre into British politics.

The Baltic States spend virtually nothing on defence.

Neither Sweden nor even Finland has ever felt the slightest need to join NATO.

The whole thing revolves around Erdogan's Turkey.

What would NATO's supporters say if any other supranational body presumed to demand two per cent of our GDP?

Away with it.

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