Sunday, 8 January 2017

Lobby Terms

But if Russia had done what we learned today that Israel had done, then all diplomatic ties would have been cut, and expulsions would have been complete and immediate.

Even Saudi Arabia would have struggled to have got away with this, and that is saying quite something.

The plot to embroil Sir Alan Duncan in a scandal makes one wonder how spontaneous was the attempt on the life of George Galloway, who was then a sitting MP, in 2014.

Jeremy Corbyn's internal Labour enemies have a million pound slush fund at the embassy of a foreign power. Give that a moment to sink in.

The SNP has made a useful statement on all of this, and ought now to move the expulsion of Robert Halfon and Joan Ryan from the House of Commons.

I credit the suggestion of such a motion to an email this afternoon from an old friend and regular reader who opined that the lack of it was due to my absence from that House.

In that case, Neil Fleming, your work is done.

I have long wondered about your precise financial relationship both with Israel and with Saudi Arabia, as I wondered about Hilary Armstrong's before you.

But perhaps I ought no longer to think about you?

After all, you dare not face me at the polls this year, instead being prepared to send an elderly and seriously ill incumbent to his death rather than be beaten by me at the ballot box.

If your retort is that you now live in London, then why do your social media profiles still claim that you live in Lanchester?

Likewise, if your retort is that you now live in Riyadh, or in Tel Aviv.

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