Thursday, 14 July 2016

Health Warning

Owen Pfizer is obviously a decoy to make even Angela Hawk appear at least relatively left-wing.

But we are now living in an age when the private health industry, openly and without artifice, fields its own candidate for the office of Leader of the Labour Party.

And no one in the official media considers that worth raising with him. It is just par for the course.

As is the fact that NHS privatisation could never happen in Owen Smith's own constituency, which is in Wales.

Meanwhile, the man who is already privatising the English NHS in the interests of his and Smith's past, present and future employers survives as Secretary of State for Health.

Even while so many of his Cabinet colleagues are sacked that those now comprise the Government's majority in the House of Commons.

What a time to be alive.


  1. Ian Birrell, the former Cameron speechwriter, says in the Guardian that Peter Hitchens was right and Cameron's entire mission was to destroy the Tory Right.

    Birrel begins: ""Shortly after David Cameron’s election as Conservative leader, we were throwing around ideas to underscore his determination to change the party. None seemed to excite much enthusiasm. “Have you not got anything that will annoy the right a bit more?” he asked.

    Such was the mood in his early days, driven by his fierce desire to plant the Tory flag firmly on the centre ground and stop “banging on” about Europe.""

    1. And it has worked.

      Leadsom and Patel (who is now heading a Department that she wanted to abolish) will be managed out at the earliest opportunity, Grayling will be put out to graze, Davis will resign on principle, Fox will resign in disgrace.

      But there is no longer anywhere else for the Right to go.

      Cameron has been far more effective than Blair. The Labour Left hasn't died, has it?

  2. Every Tory leader since Heath was destroyed by party infighting over Europe, and Heath should have been.