Friday, 22 July 2016

Transatlantic Tomfoolery

A Foreign Secretary whom the world cannot begin to take seriously, just as nor can anyone in his own country, either.

An appointment that has already seriously damaged the national and international reputation of the new Prime Minister, and which will do so more and more with every passing week.

And what do we see elsewhere?

Those who had thought that, in spite of everything, there might be something worth trying to locate and polish in Donald Trump, need to consider that he has promised to tear up the nuclear deal with Iran.

He has probably damaged NATO fatally, at least in the long run, which is a bonus. But even so.

No, pointedly unendorsed from the Convention platform by Ted Cruz, he is probably not going to win.

The Republican Party's rural, religious base is not going to turn out for him.

But look at the alternative.

Then again, look at the alternative.

I would not ordinarily advocate, or even profess to understand, abstention.

But when the "choice" is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, then I cannot blame anyone who cannot bear to vote for either of them.

Nor would I be able to vote for either of them.

Nor, it seems, would Ted Cruz. The Republican coalition has collapsed. The Republican Party is finished.

The Democratic Party also deserves to be. But the Republican Party really is.

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