Monday, 25 July 2016

In Spirit and Actively Supporting


Dear Jeremy,

We are writing this letter in support of your campaign to remain Leader of the Labour Party and a future Prime Minister of this Country.

You have supported deaf and disabled people’s causes for many, many years. You have spoken in Parliament.

You have voted against vicious welfare reforms that have blighted our lives, often having to rebel against the Whip to do so.

You have campaigned with us during court vigils, at street protests and you spoke at the ‘10,000 cuts and counting’ memorial for people who had died as a result of welfare reform.

During our campaign to save the ILF when we asked the then Labour Leadership for help and got none, you publicly supported our campaign.

We also recognise the long term and steadfast support of one of our, and your, strongest allies – John McDonnell.

You have supported deaf and disabled people in so many ways over so many years and now it is time for us to have a chance to rally in support of you and John.

We know that you have devoted your political life to supporting people and causes that really do matter to people in this country and around the world.

So we know that when you talk about a new kind of politics that you mean a politics that puts people, people like us, first.

As you fight to retain leadership of the Labour Party, please know that Deaf and Disabled people and our allies are with you in spirit and actively supporting your campaign.

In Solidarity,

Anita Bellows (Disabled People Against Cuts) 
Linda Burnip (Disabled People Against Cuts) 
Ellen Clifford (Disabled People Against Cuts) 
Bob Ellard (Disabled People Against Cuts) 
Andy Greene (Disabled People Against Cuts) 
Debbie Jolly (Disabled People Against Cuts) 
Roger Lewis (Disabled People Against Cuts)
Paula Peters (Disabled People Against Cuts)

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