Sunday, 24 July 2016

Suspended Animation

Durham County Council is gleefully driving its Teaching Assistants below the minimum wage and into the foodbanks.

But among those members of staff whom the political non-Leadership obeys unconditionally, £65,000 is regarded as a mere grading difference.

The cowardly "Leader", Simon Henig, who fled the balcony at the Miners' Gala when the Teaching Assistants marched past, secured his position by having both of the obvious candidates, Alan Napier and the late Albert Nugent, suspended from the Labour Party for the duration of the "contest".

Both were at least broadly from the Left, and both were former miners who had close ties to the Durham Miners' Association and to the late Davey Hopper, who was a very strong supporter of the Teaching Assistants.

Well, it will be payback time a few weeks from now, when the new National Executive Committee of the Labour Party will greatly strengthen the hand of the re-elected Jeremy Corbyn, who is another very strong supporter of the Teaching Assistants.

All 57 Labour councillors who passed this spiteful measure ought at least to be suspended from the Labour Party, and preferably expelled.

Beyond doubt, they have brought the party into disrepute.

Their number includes Alan Napier, but that is the choice that he has made.

They could not then defend their seats as Labour candidates next May. Few, if any, of them could hope to be re-elected as anything else.

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  1. Well said David.
    I'm also a supporter(and spouse) of one of these valuable workers and entirely agree with your observations and comments. The cowards that gleefully forced this issue are the worst example of community champions that I can think of. Let their time in office be short from this day and let us all continue to work toward their disqualification from a party whose guideline principle is the defence of the vulnerable.Shame on each of them and their leader Henig. Keep up the great work and comment David.

    John Pogue.