Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Healthy Democracy

There we have it.

No one has any difficulty believing that any politician who is not Jeremy Corbyn must want to privatise the NHS.

Owen Smith is not Jeremy Corbyn. Therefore, Owen Smith must want to privatise the NHS.

183,000 people in 48 hours believe this so strongly that they have just paid £25 apiece in order to vote for Corbyn against Smith.

One hundred and eighty-three thousand.


  1. You come from the soft left, everyone who has known you for decades knows that. You supported Burnham until last year's welfare vote and you STILL support Watson for Deputy. But you know Corbyn is going to win so you are joining in the full hue and cry against Smith, who is more left-wing than Burnham or Watson.

  2. #SavingLabour, they say. #SavingLabour from #OwenSmith is the only way of saving our NHS.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn's supporters claim this shows he supported NHS privatisation but Smith told ITV's Good Morning Britain such allegations were "clearly a lie".

    He said the Pfizer report on NHS choice, published in October 2005 in association with the King's Fund charity, had been commissioned before he went to work for As head of policy and government relations, Smith was involved in an initiative to promote greater "choice" for patients in the NHS, including focus group research on "direct payments" for some services.
    the US pharmaceutical giant.

    He said he had always believed a "100% publicly-owned NHS free at the point of use" but he had supported the Blair government's contracting out of minor operations to private hospitals to clear NHS waiting lists.

    He said that "with hindsight" the policy had "opened the door to the current government to step through into a real attempt at marketisation and privatisation of the NHS, using the language of the last Labour government".