Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Frankly Labour

A lot of people, over many years, have doubted whether Frank Field was quite Labour at all.

They need to take a look at his battle with Philip Green.

Now, try and imagine that battle's being waged by Owen Smith.

Field was one of 10 overtly pro-Brexit Labour MPs, one of whom is now a member of the Shadow Cabinet, while another chairs the Parliamentary Labour Party.

When Jeremy Corbyn has won again, then all 10 need to be appointed to an advisory body.

Not so much dealing with the EU itself; this side of Article 50, on what would there be anything to advise?

But dealing with the fact that, "The referendum result sent a clear message from parts of Britain that have been left behind by globalisation."

Again, try and imagine such a body's being created, or that statement's being made, by Owen Smith.

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