Wednesday, 20 July 2016

He Stood With Us, We Stand With Him

Having been sent on Friday, I do not know whether this has made any of the papers, but here it is:

Dear Sir,

On 31st December, Labour-controlled Durham County Council will sack all 2700 of its Teaching Assistants.

On 1st January, it will reappoint them on a 23 per cent pay cut, even though they were already among the lowest paid in the country.

On 8th July, representatives of the Durham Teaching Assistants met Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Rayner, both of whom expressed the strongest possible support for their cause.

On 9th July, Mr Corbyn repeated that support in his speech from the platform of the Durham Miners’ Gala, at which, albeit briefly, Ms Rayner marched with the Teaching Assistants.

Mr Corbyn also signed the Teaching Assistants’ petition.

We therefore strongly believe that Jeremy Corbyn ought to remain the Leader of the Labour Party, and that he ought to become Prime Minister, with Angela Rayner as the Secretary of State for Education.

Yours faithfully,

David Lindsay, Councillor Alex Watson (Durham County Councillor for Consett North, former Executive Leader of Derwentside District Council), Dave Smith (anti-blacklisting campaigner), Lizzy Anderson, Catherine Bailey, David Beale, Angela Braban, Janet Clymo, Anne Davies, Angela Douglas, Beverley Hunt, John Husband, Loraine Jackson, Jennifer Linford, Gawain Little, Angela McEvoy, Sandra Paynter, Michael Parker, Fiona Reynolds, Claire Louise Wall, Nick Weech, Rob Williams, The Essex Socialist (@kossy65)

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