Sunday, 24 July 2016

What Does This Face Say To You?

See also here. How very Andrea Leadsom.


  1. Hitchens on Twitter sums up what I wrote here earlier.

    Peter Hitchens‏ @ClarkeMicah
    .@Lone_Inadequate We already have two Polly Toynbee parties, New Labour and Tories. I'm proposing we go down to one."


    We have two leftwing parties.

    It's a rightwing party we need.

    1. The Two Polly Toynbee Parties Thesis would undoubtedly come as news to Polly Toynbee.

      The areas that swung the referendum were not only left-wing, but voted Leave for that reason. It wasn't immigration in, say, Sunderland, or Hartlepool, or Pontypridd. In any case, there are left-wing as well as right-wing arguments on both sides even of that.

      There is no vacant electoral space to the right of the Tory front bench. It simply doesn't exist.

    2. Quite right, as a country we love the NHS and don't like getting our water bill from a private company.

      All that the Labour party has to do to start winning elections on a left wing platform is to listen more to its natural supporters.

    3. Or indeed, on those issues, to more or less everybody.

  2. Polly Toynbee leftwing? No, she's a conservative. Look how much she hates Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. It says Bonanza, as opposed to High Chaparral.