Friday, 22 July 2016

Are They On Drugs?

Owen Smith's Leadership challenge is a long-planned attempt by the giant American pharmaceutical companies to remove the principal obstacle to their taking control of the NHS, at least in England.

After this appointment, that should be clear even to anyone who had not already been able to see it.

Take out the Labour frontbench opposition to NHS privatisation, and what such opposition would there be? 20 to 40 Labour backbenchers, and the minor parties.

There is one flaw in this scheme, however.

Owen Smith is not going to win.

1 comment:

  1. If the Blairites manage to shamefully steal the Labour party from the membership in the coming battle - they will quite certainly seal its fate to irrelevance.

    If the Labour party goes that way then someone needs to establish a socially conservative and economically left wing populist party (called the One Nation Party or similar) that actually reflects the reality of most natural Labour voters.

    Back when Ed Miliband was leader an Australian Labour supporter suggested this reality to me and I pointed out the problem with the idea due to FPTP and tribal loyalties - however if the Blairites immolate Labour everything will then be in the air.