Sunday, 31 July 2016


He is a definite Labour type.

Self-important, bombastic, and a bit thick, he inherited his local prominence.

But even while insisting very forcefully indeed on that, he attempts to disguise his native middle-classness by exaggerating his accent to the point of affectation.

And by droning on about football in England or Scotland, or about rugby in Wales. (It is sometimes Rugby League in certain parts of England that think that they are in the North.)

He also cannot stand any woman with a mind of her own, which is every woman that I have ever met, for a start.

Owen Smith brought together the Welsh rugby bore and the violent misogynist by calling for Theresa May to be "smashed back on her heels".

Rather amusingly, he would seem to be a bit behind the times, in that it would appear that the game of working-class Wales was increasingly football, anyway.

No one who supports Smith has any right to criticise anyone else, either for misogyny, or for hostility to the working classes and to non-metropolitan areas, both of which, in point of fact, adore Jeremy Corbyn.

Just as no one who idolises Tony Blair, or who supports the Clintons, has any right to accuse anyone else of links to, or of  sympathy for, any of the world's dictatorships.

Up (or down) to, and including, the very worst of the lot, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not even North Korea executes people for sorcery.

So, Corbyn has appeared on Press TV, presumably for some small fee or other, quite a while ago? Well, check out the sources of Blair's and the Clintons' ongoing floods of millions, and millions, and millions.

With those kinds of income streams, how can Blair even be permitted to retain membership of the Labour Party?

What, exactly, does one have to do in order to be deemed to have brought that party into disrepute? Does it accept money from him, knowing he has obtained it?

And does Labour Party membership still extend to Baroness Altmann? If so, then why, and even how? If not, then when, exactly, did that membership cease, and on the initiative of which side?

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