Friday, 22 July 2016

Highly Questionable

It is baffling that Hazel Blears would still be invited onto Any Questions? at all.

But it is far worse than that, that she is to be on it this evening alongside, not only Anna Soubry and Peter Hitchens, but also Richard Burgon.

A spectacular speaker both on the eve of the Durham Miners' Gala and at the Gala itself, Richard is a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

According to the BBC, that means that he has to be "balanced" by some half-forgotten Blair hanger-on from the Olden Days, and rather a discredited one at that.

Like Question TimeNewsnight and the Today programme, Any Questions? has hitherto adhered to the age-old Two Tories Rule.

Indeed, it is doing so this evening, with the customary Conservative MP and right-wing journalist.

But there now seems to be a second rule in operation, too.

Whenever a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn is on air, admittedly an occurrence of the utmost rarity, then "balance" has to be provided by one of his implacable enemies among those whom he himself declines to describe as Blairites.

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