Thursday, 14 July 2016

Rather More Social Than Democratic

Having been a member of Unite Community for about as long as it has existed, I very much hope that it will indeed experience an influx of the politically committed.

Not only that, but now that people know that it exists, what real chance is there that anyone would still bother to become a Registered Supporter of the Labour Party every time that a Leadership Election presented itself, and to do so at a greatly increased cost each time?

A few extremely snobbish people might do so, since Unite Community, and Unite in general, would be so very far from their scene.

But they are in any case about to get their own party altogether, since they are the last people who in this day and age would be prepared to join a fan club for practically un-deselectable MPs whose sole choice of Leader would have the only say on policy.

For that, they really would be prepared to fork out £100 per year, more than twice what is already the rather steep cost of Labour Party membership, and four times the cost of membership of the Conservative Party.

Including for a first year, or possibly even two, in which they would not even be able to participate in such votes as that party might very occasionally deign to have.

But it would be worth it for the social connections that membership would undeniably make available. And it would help along the giant subventions from the likes of Michael Foster and the NHS privateer, Reg Race.

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