Thursday 14 July 2016

Reshuffled Cards

Three Foreign Secretaries? Theresa May is using Tony Blair's old trick of bloating the Cabinet as a form of party management.

Liam Fox spent last night drinking champagne on the Commons Terrace with Adam Werritty. There is still more to come out.

As for David Davis, one of the great campaigning backbenchers and simply not cut out for collective responsibility, he has today named the latest possible date of his own inevitable resignation.

But Davis is probably the only man who could sell "Oh, well, we did try" to the Conservative Party in its present aspect.

Without the resources or the prestige of the Foreign Office, his new Department has been created in order to fail.

Liz Truss is now the Lord Chancellor. If you can bear to do so, then say that again. Liz Truss is now the Lord Chancellor.

Like Chris Grayling and Michael Gove before her, Truss is no more a lawyer than I am. And I am not a lawyer. But Richard Burgon is.

Andrea Leadsom goes to DEFRA. Well, she is nothing if not proud of her abundant harvest.

And who are we to question her CV's assertion that she invented the plough?

Her constituency association may be minded to question her CV, on which it presumably selected her as its candidate.

The deselection of a fraudulent Cabinet Minister? What a time to be alive.

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