Monday, 11 April 2016

The Generation Game

Do 50 per cent of British Muslims wish to make homosexual activity illegal?

25 years ago, you would have got a higher figure than that from the British population as then constituted.

25 years before that, or nowhere near that long ago in Scotland and Northern Ireland, it was in fact the law of the land.

In Northern Ireland, especially, no small proportion of the population wishes that it still were.

Nothing relating to homosexuality has ever appeared in any Conservative or Labour manifesto at a General Election.

That reticence, which is ongoing, is not a consequence of Muslim immigration.

In fact, the laws against homosexual activity in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are of British colonial origin.

As are those in numerous other places, some of which contain few or no Muslims.

One of those is proportionally the most Anglican country in the world, with a very high level of regular church attendance.

Elsewhere in the region, decriminalisation took the Caribbean Territories (Criminal Law) Order 2000 to achieve.

A direct intervention by the United Kingdom over the heads of the local legislatures.

Think on.


  1. Yes-two thirds of them also want sharia law in Britain.

    And a majority think domestic violence is justified if their wife is disobedient.

    We did try to warn the Left what multiculturalism and mass immigration would mean.

    As with Cologne, we are starting to see the consequences of inviting millions of Muslims into the midst of Western society.

    1. Domestic violence is endemic across the board. As is sexual violence.