Friday, 8 April 2016

No Delight

Turkey's activities in Nagorno-Karabakh are only the latest addition to the very long list of reasons why the fact that Turkey is in NATO is an unanswerable reason for the United Kingdom to leave that Organisation.


  1. You sound like Donald Trump.

    1. No, he sounds like us. Although he doesn't know it.

      He could do far more good once he was back in business rather than politics. I hope that he does.

    2. He is proof of the possibility of redemption, if nothing else. He was a Clinton Democrat to the tune of serious mooolah until the very recent past. If he really has become an "isolationist", a "protectionist" or any kind of social conservative, a total and extremely recent change of mind if so, then you are right that we'll see the fruits of it in his radically changed business dealings once he gets back to them.

  2. You should have been in Parliament for years by now, I won't Labour in this seat no matter what you say, because they never gave you the seat.