Sunday, 17 April 2016

General Unfitness

As a comment puts it:

"Of the five remaining candidates, Trump is the least likely to become President. On the Convention floor, even Kasich stands more chance of being the nominee, he also stands more chance than Cruz. Cruz and Trump are both going out in the first round. Even Palin is positioning in the hope of being drafted to appease their supporters, but it is not going to be about appeasing the supporters of Trump or Cruz."

Indeed, it is not.

Notice that the GOP now openly doesn't care whether the eventual nominee is even a registered Republican, just so long as he is neither Ted Cruz nor Donald Trump.

If the supporters of either or both rioted, then that would only prove their general unfitness to be trusted with the running of anything.

And even if they didn't, then the non-nomination of their respective candidates would still make its own point: "If you couldn't get a candidate like that nominated as a Republican, then you're sure as hell never going to get one nominated as a Democrat, so you are never going to get a candidate like that nominated at all."

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